Case: How to give remote access to your corporate network during a convention?

In external events, have your employees access the network as if they were in their offices

The beginning of the year is an analysis time, and many companies need to bring together the entire team, sometimes hundreds of employees, to demonstrate and discuss corporate strategies. Placing everyone in a room can be stressful but with the technology intelligence it is possible to provide good experience at a convention and achieve the company goals. In addition, it can demonstrate the professionalism and creativity of the IT staff.

For one of our customers, the solution found for the company convention was to take its 150 employees to a hotel, giving them the mobility necessary to access their files directly from the corporate network, as if they were in their offices.

The event infrastructure

The event was held in a 13-room-hotel, spread over three floors, as well as an auditorium. The technological challenge was to provide access to the corporate network in a secure and transparent way, so even the hotel offering its network infrastructure, concern for security has led Nap IT to integrate the extended Cisco solution segregated from the local network.

This technology guarantees remote access and mobility advantages to users through the WiFi network and offers integration ease between two environments. The configuration was made between part of the solution based on the company’s office and the extensions installed in each room of the hotel. Ensuring the control level a dedicated link was contracted, as well as a firewall as an additional network security feature. Among the technology differentials is the fact that it does not need VPN clients or remote network to connect users, nor additional programs on the executives’ computers.

This solution is a great alternative for companies to use in their conventions and other external events, because it provides access to the corporate network while ensuring security.

The event Project

This project planning was carried out between Nap IT, the hired event team, the company internal area and the hotel computer area, via remote meetings. After the alignments, we received the site plan for the solutions implementation, testing and validation. On the event day, our team gave all support, monitored and monitored the environment.

This integration was performed by Cisco Certified Professionals. The results were the network quality and stability high level. The company was also able to make iPad available for the questions and answers execution in the auditorium.

The meeting format, as well as the factors provided by a secure and transparent infrastructure to participants, plus the delivered architecture allowed the IT staff to feel comfortable with the security provided by the solution.

The company achieved all of its goals during the event as the technology ensured office extension and delivered full corporate wireless network signal coverage.

What did you think about the solutions? Could it work for your company? Comment and tell us about your challenges. 

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