eBook: How to use Information Security for the benefit of your business?

The technology has the supporting companies’ growth processes mission and strategies, as well as allowing access to the internet to streamline communication between employees, partners and customers. However, such interconnections may leave the computer network vulnerable to attack.

Current information security systems allow the company data monitoring according to the established your business security policies and model. With this, the company minimizes the information loss vulnerability and risk.

This eBook, developed by the Nap IT specialists, Rodrigo Cassiano and Wellington Souza, aims to present the information security market scenario, trends, and aspects for the systems and processes integration aligned to the business needs.

Security Solutions

One of the aspects that corporate security solutions must offer is visibility, which is able to identify and control access to the internet, regardless of where the request comes from, from the web applications, e-mails, systems, chat or the ports of protocols used. Information Security Solutions support business needs and restrict risk, without slowing down systems.

Download now the eBook “How to use Information Security for the benefit of your business?” and prepare your company for efficient security systems.

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