Nap IT applies Networks Tuning in ATMs

Integrator made adjustments to self-service terminals, ensuring that the network infrastructure installed in the equipment was able to perform communication between banks and customers safely and without fail

Have you ever imagined everything that is needed so that your bank’s ATM can provide security, agility and efficiency in every transaction? There are many systems and components involved – and improving this environment must be a continuous activity. And Nap IT delivered these improvements in yet another successful Network Tuning service case!

Attended by a company in the banking segment, which works with the banking applications services provision in ATM terminals, Nap IT’s specialists team aimed to support an internal system migration, ensuring that the installed network infrastructure communicated between banks and terminals safely and without fail.

Communication and Safety: Financial Market Requirements

With the increase in the installed terminals number, the customer began to cope with new safety and connection challenges. Among them, the need to change the authorization structure for transactions, which would migrate from a third-party solution and to an own system, even more resilient and effective.

The reason for the updates is in security: financial transaction applications rely on a critical environment and strict security and availability rules for both customers and banking institutions themselves. The idea was to reinforce the connection options, communication and the terminals service.

Analysis and configuration: the implementation details

Addressing this demand efficiently, Nap IT analysts and engineers began servicing the company’s market-aligned priorities and challenges. “Our goal was to create a more reliable and resilient management environment for ATMs. In addition to enhancing the availability and services security, suitable for data traffic and information security”, explains Luis Lhullier, Nap IT Network Engineer.

The focus was the infrastructure costs reduction, optimizing the existing equipment and tools performance in the terminals and servers. Specialized in the Network Tuning concept, which proposes to maximize the present resources, Nap IT assisted in all the reconfiguration and applications adjustment, guiding the products use and indicating the most assertive and necessary items to improve the functionality of the system.

The company also offered support in the communication path between the boxes and the banking network. “We set up, for example, the links that guarantee the data redundancy and new modules that make this information transmission and reception more agile and practical. These are details that will certainly broaden the network’s resilience“, says Lhullier.

Add value: the solution result

The action provided the customer with an operation with lower costs and better equipment performance, turning technology into an ally for customer loyalty. The applied configurations reinforced the definitions between the management system and the banks, making the application more reliable and able to stay in operation, even in connection failures case.

Among the benefits to the client is the existing IT structure optimization, increasing the system performance in the installed network. In just over three months after the project began, the adjustments represented a safer and reliable data network with better service for users.

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