Network tuning and 60% economy every month: Klaus Engelmann’s case

See how Klaus Engelmann, Nap IT Network Engineer, has been able to reduce a customer’s monthly cost by more than 60% using only Network Tuning

Have you ever thought about how it would be good to reduce your internet cost by more than 60% every month and still improve the speed and security of the connection?

This is what Klaus Engelmann, Nap IT Network Engineer, delivered as a result of an action for a Call Center customer. And the best: without buying any equipment!

Do you want to know how he did it? Then, check it out:

Legacy structure: how to optimize your internet connection?

High monthly cost with the MPLS type corporate link, a huge list of installed devices and a lot of signal oscillation: it was the scenario found in a large contact center company in São Paulo.

For a long time, they thought the solution to that challenge was to redo the office network infrastructure completely. It changed with Nap IT arrival, which climbed Klaus Engelmann to evaluate and indicate the best solution for the environment.

Immediately, what the specialist identified was the demand to modernize the settings and renew the type of link available.

Mapping the environment: the strategy for setting

The path to problem solving began with a thorough analysis of the controllers, access points and routers, with a network complete assessment. The action also included an understanding of how the used applications by the contact center attendants worked (what connections types were used and what bandwidth consumption was, for example).

The goal, therefore, was to find possible interferences and configuration errors that were limiting the connection performance.

In addition, the analysis helped align the connection patterns by classifying the used applications based on the type of user connectivity: corporate connection, local connection, or Internet connection. In order to ensure the procedure effectiveness, all data were read individually on each device.

From this evaluation, the engineer developed a recommendations report, with all the steps to optimize the network performance immediately.

Network tuning: the adopted solution

Among the definitions related by Engelmann, two actions were priorities:

  • Changing the connection link from MPLS type to Internet VPN;
  • Applying Network Tuning, with equipment removal and reconfiguration, throughout the structure.

With this adjustments combination, the expert was able to help generate at least a 60% monthly savings on the cost of WAN services (MPLS link) to the company and also optimize the connection performance more safely and quickly by segmenting the network data stream. All this without affecting high availability and security.

And you? Do you want to have this kind of result in your company? So talk to our consultants now and find out how to get high performance on your network!


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