NOVAREJO: IT against the Retail operation ruptures

In NOVAREJO Magazine May issue, Klaus Engelmann, a Nap IT specialist, talks about how IT can help integrate inventory and avoid operations in retail chains disruption

Do you know when you go to a store and not find a specific product? For retailers, this has a name: it is the so-called operation breach, an event that generates huge losses and problems for the trade sales performance. The good news, however, is that today it is easier to solve this challenge, thanks to technology use.

This is the message presented by the article “The pains of growth“, published in the NOVAREJO Magazine May issue. The text reveals what are the/a operation breach possible causes, how this problem can impact on the results of a company in the sector and, moreover, what has been done to minimize supply failures in the retail networks day-by-day from the country.

Among the examples shown, we highlight the Arezzo case, a clothes production and sale specialized company, which worked to integrate the brand general stock with the items present in the physical stores. Made it with the Nap IT support, the project helped gain sales, even from products that were not available for immediate recall.

In the text, Klaus Engelmann, Nap IT network engineer, talks about how technology and standardization process improve collaboration between areas, facilitating assertive business operations management.

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