Site Survey: Thorough evaluation to improve your Wi-Fi

Mapping the network infrastructure to identify possible failures and demands will help your business to have a more functional and simple wireless solution to manage

Has your company decided to create or improve a wireless network? But before any decision, any questions that may influence this network functioning have already been mapped? If it’s still hard to put it all on paper to form a suitable solution for your business, do not worry. There is a great ally to help you with it: Site Survey, methodology that does an environmental study, analyzing in a thorough way all the variables that can impact your network results.

The Site Survey provides reports with important notes and recommendations to make a system more functional and efficient. And the methodology is valid both for those who want to start a connection infrastructure integration and for those who want to improve or monitor their current network performance.

What do you get with it?

You can already imagine the importance of having all your connection data placed in archives designed to improve your connectivity. But if there’s still any question as how it might help you, remember that scaling your infrastructure’s features and tools will help your business avoid unnecessary spending and, more than that, future problems, potential expansions, or security issues, for example.

In addition, Site Survey has the ability to find critical points that are already affecting (or likely to affect) your operation and simplify that infrastructure management. After all, why is your connection slow at certain times?

What does it do for the business?

Before thinking about how the internet signal is reaching users, there is a great way to go in search of the perfect solution. Each space, each project is unique. And the Site Survey helps to map information about the physical environment, with data about the floor plan of the office or area to be worked on, and all the steps to follow, including cabling, equipment, software, accessories and, of course, effective demands for its use daily.

This broad analysis is important for several reasons. The main one is the fact that these pieces, together, form your network ideal puzzle. So if any part does not fit, it is important to know what to adjust, when and how.

 What does that mean?

In practice, the Site Survey is fundamental to design a Corporate Wireless network design. It helps you in creating more robust definitions and specifications of what your connection should have and offer, including safety. On the other hand, this set of guidelines, in addition to providing a more effective operation of your wireless solutions, also help your company make more assertive decisions, minimizing unnecessary and unplanned expenses, with full equipment and resource optimization.

More than numbers and files, so this Environment Study delivers a map of how your network is and how it should be. What will help your company achieve better results and make the most of what technology can and wants to deliver: mobility, visibility and more performance. That’s what your company wants, is not it?

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