[Video] Site Survey: Transforming Your Company’s Wireless Network

Find out how to make your wireless network faster and more stable by conducting Site Survey

Have you lived that day when your company’s internet is slow, causing the your team productivity to drop dramatically? So pay attention: the problem can be solved very quickly and effectively with a Site Survey application.

Site Survey: your network environment in-depth analysis

For a connection to remain stable, it is essential to assess the technologies layout and their configurations throughout the network environment. It was thinking about this need that Nap IT developed a new video to explain the importance of analyzing the environment and how Site Survey can make all the difference to your wireless network.

After all, more than putting new routers and signal repeaters, the first step for any wireless network is to understand the already installed equipment capacity and the company actual demand.

How does it work?

With the task of avoiding unnecessary expenses, Site Survey evaluates, through radiofrequency tools, the entire logical and physical topology of the office or installation plan. This assessment points out obstacles, possible shadow areas (if there is already an installed structure) and where the antennas positioning needs to be improved.

There is still another question to succeed in your analysis: this service requires the experts team high knowledge. And Nap IT offers certified professionals in key technologies, processes and trends in the market!

Ready to learn more about Site Survey and how the Nap IT team will help your business in getting the most out of wireless networking? So, watch our video and check it out!

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