How Jeferson Nascimento adjusted a global company videoconference

Mapping a beverage company equipment and data centers, infrastructure specialist Jeferson Nascimento was able to integrate the technologies, improving the videoconferencing performance in the company. Problem has persisted for 10 years Anyone who has a telepresence room knows that any connection problem generates big impacts in the routine – always full of meetings. Now, imagine […]

Tuning Masters: Erik Ramos’ challenge in integrating 600 telepresence rooms

In 4 months, the engineer made the technologies standardization used in a beverage company telepresence rooms with global performance. Action helped to eliminate crashes and connection failures in client operation Telepresence rooms offer more agility and practicality for a company operation. But, what to do when video conferencing technologies do not communicate with each other? […]

5 reasons for your company to hold videoconference meetings

Understand how and why your company will be most effective when conducting videoconferencing meetings in a structured and complete way. You know that talk about that time is money? More than a simple catch phrase, this has been an increasingly real point for most companies. Planning software, online calendars, and digital productivity solutions your team […]

How to use technology to set up the meeting room?

Find out why investing in a meeting room with video conferencing may be more interesting, efficient and economical for your business What would you do if your challenge were to find ways for your company to be more productive at work? Right now, it’s the biggest challenge for many business people. And one of the […]

Well-planned network solutions can streamline corporate meetings

Know how technology evolution has helped to reduce costs and optimize time for corporate meetings Who runs a full of branches and offices business knows how important it is to hold meetings to align their strategies and actions. On the other hand, these meetings are, also, often to put in check, by generating travelling and […]