Computerworld: During the World Cup, do not score against your company network

Check out the article by Luis Lhullier, IT Office Chief at Nap IT, about the care companies need to have for the connection not to fall while the Brazilian team plays Have you stopped to think that in the World Cup period, the number of accesses to the matches videos by streaming increases, generating a […]

[eBook] Site Survey: What your wireless network needs to be more efficient

Download our material and discover how Site Survey has helped IT teams to develop even better Wireless networks With the mobility advancement, businesses can no longer afford to live without an efficient wireless network. For large companies, then, it is a vital demand, which can represent the difference between an operation profit and loss. Thinking […]

Computer World: 8 Tips to improve your network performance

Simple configuration rules can increase the computer network performance, ensuring greater productivity in companies The computer network is responsible for connecting all the technological systems of a company, as well as a good part of its employees. Due to the symptoms presence such as slowdowns, connection drops, noise and even phone connection failures, the computer […]