What is Network Analysis and how it will improve your Wireless

Find out why diagnosing your network environment can help your business achieve high-performance connections

Think about it: Does your company’s Wi-Fi drop from time to time? Or it is stable, but the problem is the connection that could be faster? If you said yes to any of these questions, maybe what is missing is a Wireless network review.

So before your company spends on new equipment, remember that for any decision, it is essential to come up with a detailed network analysis that can identify what needs to be done to achieve effective improvements.

How Network Analysis helps Wi-Fi

Networking problems happen in everyday life of each company – and even more with those who work with complex technologies. But these mistakes do not always cause the Internet connection to fall. Sometimes, errors motivate and generate slowdowns and conflicts in signal transmission in Corporate Wireless.

You may have already experienced symptoms like: audio or video conferencing with sound and picturing, crashing systems… all this can be caused by a network assembled without structured planning!

For example, imagine that a multi-department company has decided to change the employees rooms and the position layout by putting more users connected in the current space and with the same IT infrastructure. After that, the network even works well for part of the day, but in the afternoon it is slow and drops.

For this company, the network diagnosis could show what the failures were and point to a more effective response – and possibly a lower cost.

And when reconfiguration is not enough?

In some cases, the diagnosis may suggest and show the way to a complete restructuring project. In this case, the process must be designed by a specialized IT consultancy a specialized IT consultancy, with the dimensioning of all the stages, equipment and technologies to be used – in the structured planning.

What distinguishes this work done by specialists is that the diagnosis generates a robust IT Project with structure, topology and network configurations analyzes. After all, the importance to a company is that technology works to their advantage, and using network diagnostics has the role of demonstrating the best route to that goal.

Do you want to know how to do this analysis? Stay tuned on the Nap IT Blog and have the best wireless network in your company!

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