Nap IT solves Wireless problems in a beverage company

In 10 days, Nap IT’s engineers team diagnosed and remedied Wireless problems in a more than 1000m² office. Solution increased user satisfaction

In a large company, being without a network connection means more than losing production time. It can be a great loss to its billing as a disrupted processes result, as well as eroding IT for direction lack to solve the problem.

It was the scenario experienced by a large beverage company, with subsidiaries in several countries around the world, which suffered months of constant connection failures and a very slow network.

Strategy: Solve wireless issues and improve user experience

In order to analyze and diagnose the solution, the company requested the Nap IT advice, which met the demand by surveying the IT environment landscape to identify the wireless network problems origins.

Gustavo Emerim and Klaus Engelmann, Nap IT GAS team Network Engineers, were the specialists assigned to operate in the Wireless network and leave it stable to users.

The first step was to use the “Ekahau Site Survey and Planner” software, which made it possible to evaluate the infrastructure real state and indicate the best route for the wireless replanning.

Analyzing the data collected. Solving the problem

11 equipment were installed throughout the plant. The Site Survey conducted by the network engineers found that the amount of Access Points installed in the client environment was above recommended. The Access Points excess, rather than helping to improve the signal, was causing interference and conflicts in the equipment connection and user dissatisfaction.

4 is better than 11

The solution was to apply a new planning, with repositioning and APs reconfiguration. In total, seven devices were disabled and with a correct plan it was possible to leave 4 Access Points connected, instead of 11: and 7 were stored for other situations.

In addition, network engineers have implemented a comprehensive monitoring and tuning process. In just 10 days, Nap IT’s consulting team identified the the company’s Wi-Fi errors causes, set up a new usage plan, and reconfigured the entire IT environment.

The results for the customer

After the changes made by the Nap IT team, the wireless networks no longer presented falls and the signal quality delivered to all the plant spaces was elevated.

In business terms, however, there is another factor: the employees’ downtime, with incidents caused by the Wireless environment falls were reduced to zero. And there was still the economy by avoiding the new items purchase for the network and IT infrastructure!

Ready to make your company’s wireless network a new successful story? Talk to our team and find out how we can help you having an even better wireless network!

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