5 Tips for your business avoiding problems with the Corporate Network

How to manage and monitor your company’s Network Infrastructure can prevent problems with the corporate network in a more agile and intelligent way

Do you know what a production line and an office have in common when it comes to productivity? Network infrastructure can never stop.

The problem is that sometimes the internet fails, does not it? After all, unforeseen events happen.

Even more so, when we talk about complex networks, with servers, computers and dozens of devices and equipment connected simultaneously.

So, what should your company do to avoid problems with your corporate network? In order to help with this answer, the Nap IT Blog brings 5 tips for your company to prevent these fails. Check them out:

# 1 Managing your network

The first step in preventing a technology failure from questioning its production is to pay attention to the company’s network infrastructure performance.

With increasingly complex and connected environments, it is much easier (and productive) to anticipate possible failures than to run behind to identify where the problem lies.

You can do it in several ways, depending on the operation type and size. The tip here is simple: never stop monitoring your environment.

# 2 Knowing (very well) the corporate network structure

Where are the cables passing in your office? And what are the points where the Routers and Access Points are installed? Do you know which Cisco switch ports interconnect your servers?

The above questions are just examples of issues that can help you get a faster diagnosis and need to resolve potential network issues in your company.

Therefore, it is crucial to know the maximum about the current infrastructure.

Of course, it is not necessary for anyone to memorize each of these details. The tip is to document (and update) the environment settings.

# 3 Having a specialist care can avoid problems with your network

When a building catches fire, the fireman is the one who makes the rescue. And in your business: if your internet connection falls, who is responsible for making the diagnosis and repair?

Investing in call service knowledge and qualification is often overlooked in network management systems. But you must be careful!

Despite wringing to never need help, a company should always define who will do the specialized care in an emergency case. That means time and money, after all.

# 4 Establishing a crisis plan

Having your network infrastructure continuous management means the chance to establish practical ways to avoid the potential impacts of a potential failure.

In this crisis plan, your team will be able to consider the company’s seasonality, where any flaw in the environment can become a disaster, as well as which procedures to adopt according to the situation.

# 5 Having a Monitoring System capable of mapping the entire environment

Sometimes the big secret to avoid network failures is to monitor what is happening in the network infrastructure. For it, there are monitoring systems that are thought precisely to assist in real-time network analysis.

Thus, it is possible to see if a machine is oscillating or if the connection is interrupted at some specific point, for example. These tools complement Management’s actions, ensuring that your team views the operation of each network component.

And then? Ready to keep the high performance of your network without risk? To learn more about this topic, stay tuned here on the Nap IT Blog or talk to one of our consultants!


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