3 Characteristics of the most effective organizations in the IS question

Users are awakening to the need to be secure in their information.

It makes public-facing organizations reinforce their policing in privacy policies. As more companies outsource their operations and make mobility their premise for subsistence, Information Security becomes a daily necessity.

See if you are among the most effective companies:

1º – No money, no love:  They are driven by results, they take care of the whole system so that it does not have flaws, regardless of the branch of action.

2º – Information Security is an evangelization work. Educate to Protect: The Information Security credibility is directly related to how much the company is “aware of its risks”. A realistic risk assessment provides investments to the right extent, never less than expected.

3º – Independence and isonomy are essential to Information Security, especially when there are internal audits: They are committed to independent evaluation and compliance standards; in many mature organizations, Information Security operates independently of any IT structure, reporting directly to the company board.

Aluisio Andrade is Operations and Services Director at Nap IT

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