Cisco Certification: NAP IT Business Area is 100% Certified

Ensuring highly consultative, business-to-business contact, Nap IT professionals qualify with the Cisco Business Architecture Analyst

There are several reasons why NAP IT achieved the goal of having its technical and commercial teams fully certified. Among them, we can cite the responsibility to be a Cisco Premier partner, we have the concern to offer the best service and the best solution to the clients, quickly and assertively, as well as, the forming objective of the best Brazilian market commercial team.

For it, we invest not only in technology professionals with high qualification, but also in offering opportunities for training, training and updating for the whole team. According to our commercial director, Sandra Woodward, the up-to-date professionals concerned with providing solutions help our customers grow in a sustainable way, so certifications are a key requirement for Nap IT and a major market differential.

Cisco certifications play key role in the Nap IT projects success

Each area has its training and specific certifications, in the commercial area Cisco Business Architecture Analyst certifications are the most important.

They focus on the professionals development concerned with becoming the client’s Trust Advisor in terms of technology.

“The team must be able to understand the client’s scenario, the current environment, the expectations, the maturity degree to adopt a certain technology, etc.

In the technical team case, our network engineers have certifications by product lines”, explains Sandra.

Among the investment in certifications results for both clients and NAP IT are:

  • Guarantee of service quality and customer satisfaction;
  • Assertive solutions and services indication;
  • Professionals with up-to-date speech, concerned with customer growth and sustainability;
  • Acceleration in the account managers learning curve;
  • Valuing each team member resume;
  • Market differential.

In executing projects, certification and practice result in the impact we generate for our clients, demonstrating: efficiency, strategy, increased productivity and investments optimization.

In addition, Cisco‘s recognition through certifications testifies that professionals go beyond concepts, they challenge strategies, investments, and are primarily certain of their decisions, further boosting project success rates with customers.

It is on account of each of these points that NAP IT serves today great companies from all over the world. If you want to know more about the solutions applied by these professionals, visit our website and follow our blog!


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