Cisco: Nap IT wins Advanced Security Architecture Specialization

With this specialization, the integrator became the first company in Rio Grande do Sul to achieve the Advanced partnership level with Cisco.

Anyone who wants to make the most of technology knows that thinking about innovation is no longer enough. We need to ensure the corporate networks security. Isn’t it?

With a commitment to simplifying this protection and efficiency journey, Nap IT announces a major achievement: Now our experts are Cisco Advanced Security Architecture Specialization certified.

Nap IT and Cisco partnership: what does it mean for your Business?

With this new certification, Nap IT becomes the first company in Rio Grande do Sul to have Cisco’s core expertise in networks and IT infrastructures secure development.

It means that Nap IT engineers will be able to help your business plan and execute IT network best practices with all the global tips and innovations in the industry, making your connection more efficient and mitigating the virtual risks against your organization!

The new certification complements the recent Advanced Enterprise Architeture and Business Architeture Analyst specializations earned by Nap IT service and sales teams.

According to Luis Lhullier, Nap IT CTO, reaching the Advanced level reinforces the partnership with Cisco and consolidates the team as highly specialized in technology projects to serve companies across the country. “This specialization makes us a reference in the region and allows us to expand the options available to our customers globally”, emphasizes Lhullier.

Advanced Security Architecture Specialization: Advantages for your Business

As companies need to merge virtual networks and more complex local environments, the need to protect files and integrations becomes even more important – and challenging.

In this scenario, Cisco’s Advanced Security Architecture certification enables to reinforce the tools and technical resources available to Nap IT engineers and analysts – bringing even more security and innovation to your project.

With this specialization, Nap IT’s technical support team will always have first-hand all Cisco security market news, with a guaranteed presence at the company’s most important events.

What does this certification offer anyway?

Among this program advantages is a greater technical knowledge level for scaling network infrastructure, maximizing the results available to organizations. With it, our team will be ready to:

  • Anticipate the latest demands in the IT market by delivering innovative, high-performance security solutions.
  • Opportunity to improve security and local networks protection, even in hybrid environments such as Cloud data.
  • Faster and more efficient to manage and configure Cisco solutions according to the characteristics of your operation.

Theory and practice: the conditions for Cisco certification

Part of the Enterprise program, Cisco’s Advanced Security Architecture certification requires proof and practice testing for field service, engineering, and technical development.

The program focus is to support the digital organizations transformation by balancing structural network workloads and new digital applications.

As a result, we are working to increase protection, reduce costs and make IT management easier for our customers. It allows your company to focus on your business results without any additional technologies security concerns.

Do you want to know what’s coming up? Follow on the Nap IT Blog and check it out! If you have any questions or want to know how our team can help your business make the most of the Digital Age, talk to a Nap IT expert now.

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