Diário do Nordeste: Fortaleza Airport has an expanded Wi-Fi network

Feature published by Diário do Nordeste highlights Nap IT project to guarantee free access to the internet for passengers from the international airport Pinto Martins, in Fortaleza, in Ceará

Anyone who knows the boardinghouse routine knows that ensuring quality wireless is not always a simple task.

But now, passengers who use the international airport Pinto Martins, in Fortaleza, Ceará, will no longer have to worry about that.

It was the airport network modernization result, a theme that was highlighted in the Diário do Nordeste print and online edition. Do you want to see why?

Challenge: modernizing Fortaleza Airport Wi-Fi

Committed to Nap IT by Fraport, a German company that manages Pinto Martins and Salgado Filho International Airport, in Porto Alegre, RS, the project had as goal to offer free access and in 100% of the terminals physical space.

And it was thanks to new features installed by Nap IT – Global Network Solutions that the Ceará airport network infrastructure is now prepared to support up to 20 thousand users connected simultaneously.

“Fraport had a great challenge, having a free, quality internet network. We at Nap IT have implemented all the wi-fi network infrastructure modernization, where we have introduced high-performance equipment to meet the latest technology needs”, says Suelen Ramiro, Nap IT accounting manager.

Reaching this result, after the network environment analysis, which found that there is no free Wireless network, Nap IT opted for a wireless network that uses the 802.11 protocol. ac, which allows the user to receive and transmit data at the same time.

“With the features we use for high-speed and performance, all the blind spots have been remedied and users have had free internet with high connectivity. It all elevates the wireless network service level at Fortaleza airport to the major international airports level”, explains Suelen.

Do you want to know about other highlights of the project and read the full article? See it online at this link

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