[e-Book] NOC – 7 Answers to transforming your NET monitoring

NOC - Monitoramento de rede

Download our e-Book, know more about the NOC and understand how it can be used to avoid problems in your company’s network

Technology environments need to be well structured, configured, and monitored to face the difficulties and provide the right solution to the most varied problems types that arise in a company’s day-to-day business.

Network Operations Center – NOC (Network Operations Center) is a service created precisely for this scenario.

Consisting of active monitoring, it uses a specific tools number to ensure that the network functions properly and provides solutions when needed.

How does NOC help monitor your company’s network?

Unlike other monitoring models, the NOC monitors in real time all aspects of the network. Thus, it already suggests solutions, enabling:

  • Realize what is happening on the network;
  • Understand the points that can be improved;
  • Anticipate the points most susceptible to failure;
  • Identify quickly the infrastructure problem source and point to the responsible team. It reduces the waiting time for repair.


The ability to identify problems in a preliminary manner makes repairs performed faster and avoids more serious problems that could affect your company operation.

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