eBook – Videoconference: What is the best technology for your company?


Before adopting an integrated videoconferencing system, it is important to analyze some existing infrastructure aspects in the company

Videoconferencing today has the ability to integrate teams from anywhere in the world, regardless of the size of an organization, streamlining processes, increasing productivity. Most importantly, it makes communication between employees, customers and suppliers more efficient.

But before investing in such a solution, it is necessary to take into consideration some aspects to know what is the best technology for a company, being it small, medium or large. Among these aspects, we can highlight:

– Acoustics and lighting;

– Content sharing;

– Audio and video quality;

– Integration with mobile devices;

– Budget available.

In the eBook Videoconferencing: What is the best technology for your company?, by Gustavo Emerin, Nap IT Network Engineer, you will learn about the technologies most used in videoconferencing systems and will know which one is ideal for your company communication needs. Download it right now by clicking this link!

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