How to monitor the network environment in your business

Here’s how to optimize the network environment monitoring in your company and discover the differences between having a team of your own or outsourcing specialized support

Who ever accompanies the Nap IT Blog already knows that monitoring network performance is essential to keeping all applications and connections performing.

But have you ever stopped to think about what it takes to start monitoring the network within your business?

What’s more, the best way to apply these innovations is to set up an internal team to take care of network management or outsource a specialized consultancy?

Helping you to answer these and other questions, we’ve separated some key-tips on how to do network environment monitoring for your business. Check them out:

Technology and expertise: the ingredients for an effective monitoring servisse

There are several ways to apply network monitoring in an operation. In any case, however, two things are fundamental:

  1. Having adequate technology resources to monitor and manage component performance;
  2. Having certified and specialized professionals who are capable of giving answers and effective support to their routine.

With these two elements at your disposal, certainly network management will be simpler and clearer, with positive results.

Therefore, always consider the software or network monitoring solution being used and the experience of those who will help you solve some connection or performance problem.

Own or Outsourced team?

Each company has its own response to who will be responsible for monitoring the performance of the networks.

It is always important to analyze technical aspects, such as having qualified professionals within the team to do the analyzes and the IT area readings. It will optimize your performance and bring network management closer to your business goals.

On the other hand, not all the company has qualified direct labor to maintain a team monitoring the performance of the network in an uninterrupted and direct way. Right?

In such cases outsourcing network environment monitoring services are good options as they reduce operational costs and increase visibility over infrastructure.

That way you can count on the specialized support in all the technologies used in your company operation without, necessarily, having to hire a professional for each specialty.

Adding value to monitoring your organization’s network environment

Whichever option you choose to implement your network prevention and maintenance plan, know that the most important point is to strengthen the your decisions intelligence.

Today, networks are more complex and decision-making requires agility and accuracy. Consider these factors as the deciding points to define who will assist you in this task and what platforms and resources you will use!

Do you want to know more about Network Monitoring? So stay tuned on our Blog!


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