Is your network environment slow? Find out the best time to change equipment

Performance issues require a detailed network environment assessment of the – an Assessment. This technical report will point out the best decision to make

When your company’s network infrastructure experiences performance issues, it is normal for your IT staff to be in doubt about doing maintenance or changing equipment, especially when it comes to making the most cost-effective investment.

But switching or maintenance from new configurations on network equipment will depend a lot on the technologies conditions evaluated and your company goals. In order to reach a conclusion, the first step to be taken is to carry out a Network Assessment to assess whether the current environment supports the new technological demands.

Growth support

In the growth phase, companies seek to implement new technologies – such as IP Telephony and Wireless Networks, without performance loss. In this context, only with a technical analysis on which technologies do you want to integrate into your network environment, you can know if the already installed equipment supports such integrations and configuration.

If they allow, the configuration must be done with total control for the performance increase. Often, the manufacturers’ own guidelines show that the equipment is capable of receiving new technologies. Here, the critical point is in the correct configuration, with the guidelines crossing presented by the manufacturer, as well as the software updates.

In exchange, how to find the best equipment?

Each network equipment has its capacity for performance and expansion. And in a network environment there are technologies from different manufacturers. Meeting specific demands, in addition to understanding how these technologies will integrate, it is still necessary to evaluate the cost-benefit they bring.

There are situations in which the company hires services from a consultancy, which suggests the exchange of some parts and new configurations in order to give a survival to the network equipment. But when the factor is cost-effective, one must go further and consider what transaction kind and processes the company performs. If the equipment needs to support critical transactions, it may not be worth betting on new configurations, you have to start trading.

The benefit can also be evaluated in those companies that operate with state-of-the-art network technologies, but their processes can be supported by simpler line equipment that, despite offering fewer functions, perfectly fits the company’s business rules.

This view is clear when your network environment is always being managed through updated technical reports that map the network in such a way that demonstrate the compatibility between technologies from different manufacturers as well as the equipment capacity in relation to the company needs, among many other issues.

Rodrigo Alabarce

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