ITST has differential in Tuning services focused on SAP solutions

With more than 15 years of experience with SAP solutions, integrator highlights the network infrastructure importance to promote service oriented to the tools and resources optimization of the management and control platform

Supporting customers to use the full SAP solutions potential. It is the ITST Consultoria goal, a Nap IT partner company, which offers SAP Tuning systems for different segments and verticals, such as retail, energy, oil, gas, steel and tobacco, among others. In its portfolio, the integrator offers options such as Performance Tuning Optimization, with modules for remote management, process integration and data analysis, designed to highlight the corporate public productivity gains and control.

In order to talk more about SAP Application Tuning and how network infrastructure is important in this scenario, the Nap IT Blog talked to Jairo Pedroza, ITST Consultoria Managing Partner. Check it out:

Nap IT – SAP tools are often associated with highly complex processes with a variety of functions and features. In your vision, what have companies been looking for in this technology? In what situations is this platform more prominent?

Jairo Pedroza – When a company executive makes the decision to pursue the SAP management solution, (s)he is looking not only for the globally positioned and consolidated brand, but also for the credibility that an SAP solution brings to the business. Investing in a solution of this size may seem high on first analysis, but it is only true if you do not use the full potential that the platform can offer. In these 16 years of experience that ITST has in the SAP world, we have realized that most of the decisions to acquire an offer of this size are associated with market approach strategic factors.

Nap IT – What is the main challenge SAP presents in performance terms?

Jairo Pedroza – The main problem is that when implementing an SAP solution, we rarely look at the best infrastructure practices and do not validate the resources to prove that the project has really been delivered in the best way. Being something new to the customer, (s)he does not know what to charge or demand from the implementing company.

It is at this moment that ITST enters to support companies as a guide to best practices. Our goal is to establish service quality, ensuring the performance maximization and increase our customers success, with SAP tools.

Nap IT – In practice, how do performance problems impact the customers routine? How does ITST act under these circumstances?

Jairo Pedroza – The performance approach to SAP solutions is broader than customers realize. Slowness, for example, rarely affects only one department. That’s why ITST works with all its experience and expertise in tuning SAP solutions to identify where the problem root cause lies and to provide an efficient and secure solution that helps the consumer to be more efficient.

Nap IT – How does the Performance Tuning Optimization service offered by ITST help companies increase the SAP solution performance?

Jairo Pedroza – In general, managers know how much it represents if a managerial report is generated in 5 minutes instead of 1 hour. A result like it can generate more assertive business decision making. On the other hand, few customers know that the Tuning process can bring even greater benefits: Tuning comprehensiveness, for example, involves optimizing server resources, taking computing power advantage, using it effectively, and maximizing Return on Investment (ROI).

In addition, well-conducted and implemented Tuning will bring maturity to the company, from the operational processes to the business processes. When companies start using this practice as a proactive opportunity, and do not seek it only in crisis times, positive results such as stabilization, performance and better investment predictability will be more consistent.

Nap IT – Is it possible for a company to measure return with Tuning services for the SAP solution?

Jairo Pedroza – Yes, it is possible to estimate the ROI. In my experience, the return is always greater than estimated. An interesting example, which may well show this possibility, is the service we have done in a client, where we work with Tuning to optimize the overall response the SAP system time and some specific reports. We were able to reduce a report execution time that took 8 hours to complete, for 1 hour. We have had great feedbacks, including from the HR industry to employees, and the service has met the customer’s expectation regarding overall system response time, postponing the need for hardware investment to maintain the system.

Nap IT – Can Tuning in an SAP solution be applied without company processes interruption?

Jairo Pedroza – Yes. There are adjustments that are dynamic and can be performed without interruption. In more complex contexts, however, it involves planned stops to effect change.

Nap IT – How does network infrastructure influence the SAP applications performance? How does your company act when processes are interconnected?

Jairo Pedroza – Network infrastructure is a fundamental point in this context. Without a network, there is no SAP. If the network response time is poor, for example, no definition for the platform will be good enough. SAP Tuning should address the network theme so that it is considered a complete Tuning and therefore we always recommend hiring specialized services such as the services provided by Nap IT.

Nap IT – How can an SAP environment, properly configured and monitored, be beneficial to a company’s business?

Jairo Pedroza – Among the possibilities, it is important to highlight the faster and efficient production possibility, without waste, with intelligent decisions and based on instant reports. It means optimization in the delivery route, optimized logistics, among other benefits that, in short, are key to generating greater profit for companies.

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