Network Assessment: What is it and what is it for?

Do you know your network environment? No? So, we invite you to apply the Network Assessment

It sounds complicated, but Network Assessment is nothing more than your current network environment snapshot. This photo demonstrates where all the devices in your network are connected, the settings applied, the physical and logical topology. It is the evaluation and collection of general environmental information that helps IT professionals to quickly identify network risks situations, problems already established or the need for new configurations.

What equipment in my network is causing a problem?

Network Assessment allows the equipment quick identification that is causing an incident, in addition, it provides a very great time reduction in this process in relation to the companies that need to make a scan to find out where the problem equipment is. With the documentation generated by the Assessment, your company can maintain the network through the internal IT team or an outsourced company, without impact, because everything is registered. The Assessment allows access to environment control and knowledge services, as well as offering a risks mapping in the network, from the lowest to the highest level, such as having important equipment without redundancy, outdated software version, among others. If your company does not yet know your network environment, when you do an Assessment, you get to know it through up-to-date documentation, and it will have a lot of benefits.

Assertiveness in diagnosis X Response time

The network assessment is based on looking at the environment, collecting data, documenting and reporting risks. If you have this mapping, your business may have the response time to a much reduced incident. When a problem is found, you will be ahead 50% of the normal time for an occurrence over unmapped networks. And if the problem is above the risks already pointed out, you eliminate 90% of the time that would be used in all the steps to solve the problem, and still guarantees the assertiveness of the diagnosis. The Assessment points to a network slowness problem, fall, or any other symptom that may result in the technologies disruption. This information generally meets the management or executive professionals needs who need this control to act primarily in making decisions or not to lose important information during the employees transition. In this case, it is up to the company to implement the Assessment culture, considering that the evaluation and updated network documentation does not pose a threat to IT professionals, but rather a tool to help the company to have more agile and high performance processes. If your company already works with Network Assessment, it’s worth one more attention point. Whenever there is improvement in technologies or new configurations, review the network evaluation. So your assessment will always be up to date and efficient.

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