Network Maintenance and Monitoring: How to do this?

See how your company can implement a practical and efficient Network Maintenance and Monitoring plan

Not many people remember, but an essential point to maintain the company high performance is to pay attention to the network infrastructure regular maintenance.

After all, if you do not want to be caught off guard by Internet failures, security, and performance, the first step is to be aware of the recommendations and adjustments your IT environment requires.

But be calm, today, the Nap IT Blog has decided to simplify its work and we gathered the main tips for you to avoid problems and to carry out the IT network monitoring.

6 Steps to Create a Network Maintenance and Monitoring Plan

  1. Know your IT network well: know what in your IT environment is installed and what integrations and demands it needs to meet;
  2. Always keep equipment documentation up-to-date: any configuration or equipment changes need to be stored in a follow-up history. It is the document that will help in your network diagnosis;
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: check specifications and recommended requirements. After all, all the products and services used in your network rely on specific settings to ensure high performance. Knowing these characteristics well and following them to the letter is fundamental to optimize the IT resources functioning;
  4. Make the indicated updates: more than keeping eyes open and being aware of, you also need to make corrections and practical adjustments. Do not forget to make software upgrades and service policies support;
  5. Check the each equipment warranties and observe the deadlines for licensing: even if an equipment seems safe, it is always good to ensure manufacturer’s support coverage. It allows constant updating, which avoids your security vulnerabilities;
  6. Repeat these steps regularly.

So, put your action plan into practice: all these tasks are essential to establishing the control over your IT network.

By actively monitoring your network equipment, protection and communication, your company will be able to anticipate possible failures and opportunities to maximize network performance.

It will be easier to figure out which the next investments should be done and what needs attention in terms of performance evolution.

How to do network monitoring and maintenance?

Not all companies have the time and professional experience to do IT environment recurring analysis. Therefore, the basic hint for defining the best network monitoring strategy is to understand the technology demand and impact on a day-by-day operation basis.

If your company needs day-by-day attention and updating systems on an ongoing basis, the best to do is having an internal project – with professionals or with the company itself.

However, if the demand is timely, the best way may be to integrate a consulting company that is aligned to your industry. It can take the work more assertive and fit to the corporate purposes, reducing the overall changes to the office or plant being monitored.

Want to know more about it? Keep eyes open on Nap IT’s blog or contact one of our consultants and find out how maintaining your technology network is the best way to succeed in your network!


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