Faster Internet: Network Tuning renews Corporate Wireless

See how Luis Lhullier transformed Corporate Wireless from an office in New York using only Network Tuning settings and settings

Have you ever thought about going to the cafeteria next to your office to use Wi-Fi and work? More than unpleasant, it would be a complete loss to your company operation, right?

That was exactly the situation found by Luis Lhullier, Nap IT engineer and CTO, in a large company office located in New York.

Slow Internet: the challenge of serving hundreds of users

In practice, what happened was this: the internet even worked, but it was so slow that sometimes it was impossible to work. It got worse when the office received vendors and guests from other parts of the planet…

“At times, the network had to be up to 500 users looking for a wireless connection. It was a serious slowness and signal oscillation situation”, sums up the Nap IT Master.

First step: Corporate Wireless analysis

Before taking a more specific path, the engineer decided to analyze the scenario, with Assessment, which evaluated the network infrastructure in search of the failure possible origins.

After that, the next action was to work on identifying the gaps that needed immediate attention. After all, the pressure for a stable connection was enormous!

And what was the solution adopted? Network Tuning.

Tuning is always the fastest and most practical way to solve a network problem. Even more so in a condition like this, which directly impacted the entire office productivity”, explains Lhullier.

Network tuning: the way to customer success

The customer’s first concern was to have a stable and efficient internet connection again. Better still if it were possible to recover the Wi-Fi signal without spending on new equipment and without wasting a minute more than necessary.

So that’s what Lhullier did! In a week and using only the Controllers, Access Points, Modems and Routers reconfiguration scattered around the environment, the expert was able to resume Wireless in a practical way.

More than that: on average, the connection was 10 times faster than in the best days of the company network, ensuring more speed, robustness and dynamics to the operation as a whole.

In addition, the Nap IT CTO took the opportunity to point out important improvements to the environment, such as network segmentation.

“That way, we could guarantee more security and a more adequate local internet band division“, says the Tuning Master.

And you? Do you think the Wi-Fi connection could be faster and more stable? So, how about applying Network Tuning now? Talk to our experts and find out how!

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