NOC Advantages: the 3 main active network monitoring functions

Find out what your business gains from active network monitoring offered by an efficient NOC system

Is your technology team often tasked with developing a new project while monitoring the network infrastructure to avoid failures and connection problems? If so, evaluate whether you can plan and monitor well at the same time.

Certainly, for the company that needs to maintain the quality of the two services, one exit may be the NOC (Network Operation Center). As a solution that provides a monitoring team of up to 24 hours a day, the NOC prevents IT teams from accumulating functions and ensures visibility into the network infrastructure in a more agile and complete way.

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3 NOC advantages to monitor your company network

#1. Active Network Monitoring

With a centralized operating system, your company will have the opportunity to implement a 100% active technology management policy.

It means: defining recurring support routines with full attention to all network performance indicators.

By choosing the NOC, you can determine the continuous analysis period by hiring specific network monitoring teams for your appointment time (or for the night, for example). It is even possible to have 24 x 7 monitoring depending on your need.

#2. Action and reaction: agility to prevent problems

Having greater visibility on the network equipment means much more efficiency to prevent failures and errors that can affect your network.

In practice, the NOC functions as a data filter that simplifies how your company anticipates errors and possible infrastructure problems.

In any case, when something happens (such as breaking a device), NOC monitoring optimizes service, generating faster repair.

#3. Chance to plan next steps

Another NOC positive point is the open opportunity for the company to improve its network environment – and the installed infrastructure performance.

This condition happens for two reasons:

  • Internal IT staff can focus on their core projects, improving the company’s revenue-generating capacity.
  • Before any failures occur, the NOC team can serve as an integrated support, applying improvement points.

The advisory role and the NOC responsibilities

Whoever delivers a company NOC has several responsibilities. The main one is the fact that active network monitoring is a strategic tool capable of helping a company development as a whole.

For this reason, bet on teams that have know-how to help your brand in mission critical technology is fundamental.

When hiring a NOC, ensure choice by a knowledgeable team with solid knowledge to support your ongoing development tasks.

Look at the NOC as an opportunity and use this tool to your advantage!

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