Structured Cabling: Is your company prepared to grow?

A structured cabling project allows you to scale the technologies according to the corporate needs and growth potential of the company 

If your company plans an expansion phase, surely one of the first steps should be planning the network infrastructure, along with choosing the right equipment and business-aligned configurations. In addition, in order to avoid unnecessary investment in the future, this plan must already have structured cabling to assist in the computer and telephony networks management and, above all, will allow the scale of the technologies.

Although structured cabling is an important point for a network environment, many companies only realize value in this technology when they are experiencing connection problems or when current equipment does not address more complex solutions integration to support new processes.

In this case, by not having made a structured cabling plan, it is possible to choose to restructure or expand corporate networks, sizing them according to current and future needs.

Restructuring to integrate new Technologies

Thinking about a technology restructuring scenario, citing as an example, recently, we received a request from a large company, leader in the tobacco segment, to prepare its headquarters network infrastructure and also to the branches spread throughout Brazil, to receive a new business management program.

The challenge was to make the network environment suitable for implementing a management model that defines processes, people and technologies for all the company sectors. The model would be integrated with the company’s SAP system, so that the operations would be standardized and managed by a single platform, worldwide.


In order to reach this goal, through which the customer would have integrated the Warehouse Management System (WMS) with SAP, we have implemented a completely new infrastructure, which involved technologies such as structured cabling, access points, Switches and their settings.

In the project, structured cabling acts as a ‘layer’ responsible for allowing the company to undergo a technological transformation, causing information from a data collector, present in the collaborator hand, to pass the information to the WMS system. All data interconnection between the parties depends on structured cabling.

The technical coordination and project management specialized professionals carried out the installation, the equipments configuration and the adequate network cabling dimensioning, that interconnected the Switches and the Access Points; Switches and printers and computers; the Switches and the Routers; and optical links between warehouses and between sectors.

The project implementation and its benefits

In Brazil, the WMS solution integration is being done in about 20 units of this company, covering its factories, warehouses and three distribution centers. In the areas already integrated so far, among the perceived benefits is the complete network infrastructure adherence to the Warehouse Management System (WMS), which provides greater control over the products movement in the Distribution Centers, avoiding losses and simplifying processes.

Another efficiency gain was the production line definition, in which the equipment is concentrated in one of the factories, serving as a hub for other locations. In this factory, the processes are received, configured and dispatched, optimizing logistics and mitigating technical risks. With it, the company, which is known for its excellence in logistics, will have an even more optimized operation and prepared for new business challenges.

A company that operates through structured cabling has networks prepared to support growth and technological innovation, ensuring productivity gains and business security.

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