Illustrated Successful Case | How did Souza Cruz turbocharge its wireless network and avoid high investment?

Souza Cruz - soluções Nap IT

Download the material and learn how Souza Cruz has improved network performance without requiring major technology upgrade investments

In order to solve the failures and improve the network in a 16,000 m² environment, Souza Cruz in Uberlândia (MG) unit sought advice from Nap IT. The goal was to improve technology performance for employees and meet the unit’s strategic planning needs.

After a network analysis, to the tobacco company surprise, which is a British American Tobacco subsidiary in Brazil, the diagnosis pointed to the Access Points excess. The equipment amount was causing interference with the company main operating systems.

In addition to achieving the goal, Souza Cruz also avoided high investment in upgrading technologies.

Eliminating problems

The first step, carried out by NAP IT experts, was to map the entire environment and apply a number of methodologies to understand what was causing the falling problem, slowing down and failing to connect.

These analyzes aimed at observing the actual installed networks conditions and aligning the technologies to reach a complete signal coverage.

Do you want to know what technologies were applied and used by NAP IT experts?


We have developed easy-to-read and readable material to let you know how the work process works to solve a large company technology challenge.

The material has the following details:

  • Challenges;
  • Methodologies used;
  • Process strategies;
  • Technologies used;
  • Results;
  • What our customer says.

Do you want to know which strategies and also the results? So download the illustrated material we have prepared on this success story!

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