[eBook] Site Survey: What your wireless network needs to be more efficient

Download our material and discover how Site Survey has helped IT teams to develop even better Wireless networks With the mobility advancement, businesses can no longer afford to live without an efficient wireless network. For large companies, then, it is a vital demand, which can represent the difference between an operation profit and loss. Thinking […]

Nap IT applies Networks Tuning in ATMs

Integrator made adjustments to self-service terminals, ensuring that the network infrastructure installed in the equipment was able to perform communication between banks and customers safely and without fail Have you ever imagined everything that is needed so that your bank’s ATM can provide security, agility and efficiency in every transaction? There are many systems and […]

IT Forum 365: Nap IT invests US$ 300 thousand in new area

New department aims to meet the large global companies needs  In recent days, Nap IT has unveiled its new business area creation, Global Advanced Services, to serve global companies through a complete IT services and solutions line. An important media result for Nap IT was through the IT Forum 365 portal. Check it out! Large […]