Do you want to extend the IT Network without spending on physical and local infrastructure? See how it is possible!

Instead of just investing in new equipment, your business can gain from adopting new technologies, with a focus on cloud solutions

Here in the Nap IT Blog we already said that not always investing in new components and structures is synonymous to improve an IT network performance. Sometimes, for example, simply reconfigure the equipment already integrated into its technological environment using the Network Tuning methodology. But when is it really necessary to expand your applications potential? One way is looking at the new options, as in the cloud solutions case.

Analyze the scenario: the first step

It is always important to have your company goals understanding. In some cases, the requirement is only to bypass some peak consumption caused by a new campaign or by changing some procedure. At such times, a technological upturn is not always advisable, since it represents costs that may be unnecessary in the long run.

The first tip to have these answers, therefore, is seeking a specialized consultant support. It is this support, with special analysis, that can help you to find the most assertive ways for your case. Nowadays, for example, specific tools and resources adoption, such as solutions based on the Cloud model, can deliver better results than just buying a new server. Have you ever wonder about it?

What do you want to improve?

One of the most important responses to this process is to identify what needs to be improved. Do you want to give your team more visibility? What is the information to be worked on? All this influences when it comes to set a clearer choice for your routine.

As a starting point, think that not all of your departments can receive the same treatments or solutions in privacy terms, safety and even processing efficiency.

Available options: a new scenario

With all in-hand indications, the consultant will know how to give you a more effective action proposal.

Using cloud resources can be one of your alternatives – which is not to say the only one, remember well! Today, with platform services like Microsoft’s Azure, for example, you can deploy storage and communication options without changing your local infrastructure at all.

Another advantage of this model, more and more, the chance to combine the legacy infrastructure with the Cloud Services, in a more agile and uncomplicated way.

So your company can gain more performance and functionality without necessarily spending on new components and computers!

Do you want to understand more about how it can improve your business? Follow the Nap IT Blog and see how we can help you!

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