Tele.sinthesis Portal: Is your Cloud Network ready for ICT?

In an article published by Tele.síntese Portal, Lucas Chies, our cloud solutions engineer, talks about the ICT program and how it can be used to guarantee the security of a company’s data

Do you already know Trusted Internet Connections – the ICT? It is a program that aims to ensure good practices for optimization processes and network connection of a company.

The concept emerged in 2007, within the largest United States President Executive Office but a new version published in 2017 took ICT to private companies.

And it is in the corporate market that there are debates regarding ICT, especially on the traffic monitoring generated in the information security process.

Now, imagine applying this concept when it comes to Cloud solution?

In an article developed by Lucas Chies, our cloud solution engineer, and Microsoft’s Azure solution specialist, the professional highlights the importance of monitoring for information integrity and gives tips on best practices for good data migration results to the cloud.

He further points out that Cloud Computing can be a hazy territory for many companies, so being aware of governance policies is essential to minimizing vulnerabilities in network environments.

Do you want to know more about the ICT origin and what good practices can bring as a benefit to your security processes in your datacenter? Access the article, published by the Portal Telesíntese, and stay inside!

Lucas Chies: Sua rede em nuvem está pronta para uma Trusted Internet Connection?


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