ISE: The Network Protection and Administration Future

ISE, Cisco’s unique RADIUS protocol-based technology, is at the smart network protection strategies heart – and is in the Nap IT portfolio, which has the Advanced Security Enterprise level, for being certified by the manufacturer’s security products. While there are a number of technologies utilizing the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) protocol to […]

Apólice Magazine: Attack uses Big Data as gateway to virtual invasion

“Instead of worrying about the next virus, it’s best to focus on how to avoid them” Cyber ​​attacks last month have taken on a global scale, reaching thousands of companies around the world, including companies specializing in IT. After this event, it was realized that any company is about this risk. But the question you […]

Digital Safety? Get 3 tips to protect your apps and data

Find out why investing in the Consolidated Practices adoption, Backup and Control will help your IT network become more secure. Check out, also, how Cloud facilitates this process!1 How to make your business grow, and being more efficient, without leaving aside all security requirements? Whether you are a company manager, or have worked to improve […]

Warning: Virtual threats can put your operation at risk!

Learn how strategy and attention can elevate Information Security in your business. Right now, your business may be a web threat target from one of the more than 93 billion e-mails that travel around the globe every day. Complicating matters, the danger may also come from one of your employees’ computer, or your own smartphone. […]

Document Management: Nap IT segments e-Sales network to optimize data performance and security

In order to organize the data network, direct customers to the correct services line and reduce noise among departments, e-Sales, a company specialized in intra-company processes, has invested in segmentation of its network environment  The project counted on the Nap IT specialization, corporate networks consulting and solutions integration, to define the best practices, configure the […]

eBook: How to use Information Security for the benefit of your business?

The technology has the supporting companies’ growth processes mission and strategies, as well as allowing access to the internet to streamline communication between employees, partners and customers. However, such interconnections may leave the computer network vulnerable to attack. Current information security systems allow the company data monitoring according to the established your business security policies […]