Nap IT solves Wireless problems in a beverage company

In 10 days, Nap IT’s engineers team diagnosed and remedied Wireless problems in a more than 1000m² office. Solution increased user satisfaction In a large company, being without a network connection means more than losing production time. It can be a great loss to its billing as a disrupted processes result, as well as eroding […]

IT Forum 365: Quilmes maximizes Wireless network with Nap IT services

Portal highlighted how Nap IT consulting experts helped Quilmes increase Wi-Fi signal coverage by 93% to users at its central office in Argentina Can you imagine the challenges of transforming the connection from an already assembled environment into a fully wireless structure? Well… it was the Quilmes Brewery objective, which wanted to renew the its […]

[Video] Site Survey: Transforming Your Company’s Wireless Network

Find out how to make your wireless network faster and more stable by conducting Site Survey Have you lived that day when your company’s internet is slow, causing the your team productivity to drop dramatically? So pay attention: the problem can be solved very quickly and effectively with a Site Survey application. Site Survey: your […]

[eBook] Wireless Network High Performance Checklist

Download our Wireless High Performance Checklist for large and mid-sized businesses and find out how to Plan, Install and Manage your enterprise Wi-Fi! The work to implement and manage a corporate network should be quite different from the Wi-Fi we have at home, right? But it is not always the case: sometimes, medium and large […]

3 Problems that may harm your Corporate Wireless

See how Planning Errors, Equipment Excess, and Lack of Configuration can lead to problems with Corporate Wireless Is your network sometimes slow or hang? It is a sign that something more serious may be about to happen, you know. So it’s time to analyze the environment and identify the issues that can harm your corporate […]

Site Survey: Thorough evaluation to improve your Wi-Fi

Mapping the network infrastructure to identify possible failures and demands will help your business to have a more functional and simple wireless solution to manage Has your company decided to create or improve a wireless network? But before any decision, any questions that may influence this network functioning have already been mapped? If it’s still […]